When we moved into this little house in September 2018, the kitchen was, to put it lightly, a sight to behold. And not in a good way. This house had been mostly empty for several years, and was a rental house before that. It was dirty, with dingy brown cabinets, beige laminate countertops, and with a bulky dark cabinet suspended over the sink. Now if I’m being honest, this kitchen is pretty far from where I would like it to be. But I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to projects and design, and I have a tendency to find something to work on or change the second a project is “complete.” So at this point, we’ve pretty much just spruced the kitchen up with some paint (yet to be completed), new countertops scavenged from my parents’  kitchen remodel, and pretty pieces of furniture with lots and lots of green plants. And copper. Give me all the copper.

I’ve always adored kitchens with little sitting “nooks” where you can sit back and relax and take in the hustle and bustle of food being prepared. The kitchen always seems to be the gathering place in the home, no matter how small. Out little kitchen is about 12’x12′, tucked away at the back of the house. So while it isn’t exactly convenient, whenever we have people over we tend to gather back here. It’s warm and peaceful and cozy and always smells like something delicious.

Brennan found this beautiful leather chair for something like 20 bucks last spring and I fell in love with it. It fits perfectly tucked away in its little corner. I’ve also started collecting little copper molds like the one hanging above the chair. I’m assuming they’re for things like jello or other cold food, because they’re very thin. But my plans for them are to hang on the walls. I love the contrast of a white kitchen with the warmth of copper dotted around.

An antique kettle sits on top of our gas heater, underneath some thrifted canisters and an array of little plant babies. The piece of art hanging above the fireplace was wrapped up, hidden in a corner of this house when we moved in, completely forgotten. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

I would love for this fireplace to be functioning, but a wood fire would probably run you out of this small room. Although I do love the charm the brick and mantle add to the kitchen.

Our small little stretch of countertop and cabinets is on the wall opposite the fireplace. It’s a small area, but it gets the job done. I’m absolutely in love with the Alabama marble counters we were lucky enough to get our hands on. You may notice a *little* unevenness in the cabinets and stove, and that’s because this old old house has settled…and settled…and settled again over the years. To say the floors are uneven and wonky is a bit of an understatement. But it all adds to that old farmhouse charm…right? That’s what I’m telling myself for now, anyway. 😉

I’d say my biggest personal weakness, if you want to call it that, is constantly dreaming up projects and ideas on how to improve a space. I love working on my home. I’ve done everything from lay tile, floors, paint, refinish hardwood floors, plumb in a dishwasher (not in this house, unfortunately), sheetrock, you name it. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. Some of my current daydreams about this kitchen include turning the exterior door into a window, and adding a whole new run of cabinets down that wall, and moving the sink under the window. I’m also dreaming about some DIY rustic painted wide plank floors to cover the current roll out vinyl. I’ve rested up for a few months since baby Ward arrived, and I’m itching to get started on a new project.

This little wood counter with the canvas skirt is where I would love to add more counter space. And the door to the right is the one I’d love to turn into a window and put the sink under.

The piece of furniture above is my grandmother’s beautiful hoosier cabinet that’s she’s been gracious enough to let us use in our kitchen. This used to be common in kitchens before the modern cabinet/countertop setup most kitchens have today. They have tons of storage, along with a large workspace that pulls out to provide even more workspace if need be. Not to mention it’s absolutely stunning. It has beautiful (I’m guessing) mother of pearl inlay in the tops of the cabinet doors. And the inside of the doors has the original recipe cards and shopping lists which is incredible.

When you open the doors of this cabinet, this is what you see on the inside. I just find it so interesting! Some of the suggested meals include “India pudding with top milk,” “Nut bread creamed bean sandwich,” “and Welsh rabbit sandwich.” I may just have to dig up some of these vintage recipes and give them a try. Who wants to come to dinner? 🙂

Below is the shopping list found on another part of the cabinet. It includes little pointers you can put on the items you need to buy. Am I a nerd that I think that’s really cool? Probably. Who cares.

I use this cabinet store everything from spices to christmas cookie cutters to cookbooks.

A little sampling of some of my copper odds and ends. It’s becoming a problem, y’all. I can’t walk into an antique store without finding something I just have to bring home.

Our stand alone sink drives me a little crazy, if I’m being honest, but how can I be too mad at this antique double drainboard beauty? Plus, a little trailing greenery can spruce up just about any design flaw. While this kitchen is far from perfect, I can’t help but love its character and charm that I’m sure will grow and develop with time. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll have a new kitchen tour for you. 😉