Meet Carley

Hi, I’m Carley!

Welcome to The Jay Place, a blog where I share recipes, DIY’s, home inspiration, and our journey toward raising food and animals on our little “farm” in Mississippi.

My husband Brennan and I recently moved to our home, The Jay Place, in September of 2018. Since then, we’ve been fixing up the house and property, planting gardens, raising chickens, and to top it all off – we’re expecting our first baby this August! We’ve lived in many homes and apartments since our marriage in 2014, but this is our fist experience with living in an old farmhouse on a good bit of land, and we’re slowly but surely figuring out all of the unique quirks and challenges that come along with living this lifestyle.

About Me

I grew up in Memphis, TN with my parents and two younger siblings. I’ve spent my entire life coming down to Mississippi to visit grandparents and other family. The Jay Place was always either a rental house or completely abandoned house we would come and explore while visiting my grandparents. I never imagined it would one day be home to my little family!

I have a degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design, and while the corporate world of graphic design certainly wasn’t for me, I still have a huge passion for creating art, specifically painting, and that passion spills over into my home and everyday life.

I love everything about cooking and baking. It’s in my blood. Both of my grandmothers and mother were and are incredible in the kitchen, and they have played a huge role in fostering my love of all things food. My Nanny, in particular, is an incredible southern cook and baker, and some of her recipes are absolute treasures in my family. I may never fully do them the same justice that she still can, but I hope to learn and share those with you along the way.

I also have a love for home improvements and DIY projects. There’s just something about a freshly charged drill and and a crazy idea that always seem to make for an afternoon of fun. Growing up, the hardware store seemed to be the bane of my existence, but now, I could easily spend hours browsing the wood, paint, and flooring aisles, dreaming up my next project (much to Brennan’s dismay.)

My passion for gardening and growing food is a newer one, but one that I have truly grown to love over the past few years and hope to cultivate in the years to come. There’s just nothing quite like a vine ripened tomato or fresh melon picked out of your own garden.

Thank you so much for stopping by The Jay Place!

Follow along as I continue to share southern recipes, home and DIY projects, farm life in the south, and a little about everything else!